Salice Paolo

SALICE PAOLO has always worked in the field of brass, at the beginning in the production of furniture articles and, in the last twenty years, of door handles.

In the course of this evolution we haven't lost our spirit: in fact today the artisan manufactures go together with High-Technological-Production-System, in order to get the best, taking care of finishes, design and functionality.

In those years the furniture production spread from bed to handle, having a lot of success, We produce products, which mirror into the ideas of the society.
In this context, "Serie Classica" becomes famous, thanks to new young minds of Scuola d'Arte in Cantù.

Designers, wood carvers, refined chisellers: their hands mould some Salice products, which still now have a great fame.
His production goes to the hands of his son Bruno, able to continue his performance in the business and in the object study, concentrating on decoration hardware.

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